Hurom Slow Juicer Review

Hurom slow juicer was elected as on of the five best kitchen gadgets for healthier cooking by “Bon Appetite Magazine.

They wrote, “Most juicers rely on centrifugal force to extract liquid from produce, but the Hurom also presses it out, which results in more juice, more vitamins, and more minerals. It’s so powerful it can even turn nuts and soybeans into homemade almond or soy milks.”

The pressing out action is done through masticating which means, chew, munch, champ, chomp, crunch, eat. Masticating juicers squeeze fruits, vegetable and nuts between two augurs or a single augur and the housing body of the juicing machine.

Slow process of masticating retains natural juice enzymes and nutrients and in many cases removes much of the calorie dense segments which becomes the pulp. Together they could add to your arsenal of fighting and winning the war against weight loss.

Often weight gain is a symptom of imbalances within your body caused by lack of vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. Most try to bring their body to a state of balance by eating artificial and processed foods that lack nutrients. Since the body remains in a state of imbalance, regardless, of how much artificial and processed food you eat, you continue to eat but never reach the state of balance that stops the cravings.

To stop the cravings and even the habits, you need to eat and drink natural whole foods that contain most vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients and enzymes. Juicing is a great way to do this and Hurom slow juicer can help you do juicing effectively.

When you review which juicer to type, one of your first questions is what type of vegetables, fruits and nuts are you plan to juice.

“Best juicers” should match what you need to do. Best juicers may not be “efficient juicers.”  Juicers that extract the most out of fruits and vegetables, and could juice nuts, as well as leafy greens and stringy fibrous vegetables, and leave very dry pulp are efficient juicers.

However, if you don’t use an efficient juicer because it is too big, too time-consuming or takes too long to clean, then that juicer is not the best juicer for you.

Hurom slow juicer is small, it is efficient, and it is easy to clean. However, it does take a little time to prepare your produce by cutting them before you juice.

Part of efficiency in a Hurom slow juicer comes from the slow speed. Remember that your juice to keep nutrients. A fast moving blade creates heat and froth. Both heat and froth destroy some enzymes and nutrients and reduce the shelf life of the juice.